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Meet the HostDimeteam!

About Our Company

Global Leadership

  • CEO & VP of Global Operations

    Manny Vivar

    CEO & VP of Global Operations

    About Manny

    Manny Vivar is the Founder of HostDime and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Global Operations. Since 2003, he has been instrumental in the company's success both nationally and internationally. Manny grew HostDime from a $100 investment to one of the most reputable global data center companies in the world. His passion for cutting-edge cloud technology, and determination to create a global company, has made HostDime what it is today.

    Along the way, he has created one of the most unique teams in this industry. Manny is an aviation enthusiast having earned his FAA Commercial Pilot’s license while pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University from 1999-2003. He currently serves on the Orlando, Inc. (Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce) Board of Directors.

    His extensive technical and leadership skills pave the way for the company's ambitions to reach $100 million in revenue, and be the most customer-centric data center infrastructure company in the world. In his free time, Manny enjoys playing basketball and soccer and spending time with his wife and three kids.

  • VP of Engineering, USA & Global

    David Vivar

    VP of Engineering, USA & Global

    About David

    David Vivar is the Vice President of Engineering at HostDime. He oversees the engineering design of HostDime’s data center facilities and ongoing management. David works closely with the company's global operations members to develop infrastructure systems ranging from mechanical to electrical to security. His goal is to provide clients with high-performing and ultra-reliable infrastructure platforms worldwide.

    David graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2003 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering. He was HostDime’s second employee and has continuously worked in direct development of adopting and creating systems with pursuit of reaching higher levels of efficiency, reliability, and manageability.

  • VP of Data Center Operations, USA & Global

    Miguel Torres

    VP of Data Center Operations, USA & Global

    About Miguel

    Miguel Torres is the Vice President of Data Center Operations at HostDime and is responsible for the management and maintenance of HostDime USA data center services. His passion for aviation and technology led him to attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Avionics Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2003.

    One of Miguel’s priorities through his years of service has been to remain in the forefront of ever-evolving technologies and solutions that can be implemented into HostDime's data center infrastructure. He has been an integral part in the expansions of HostDime data centers worldwide, primarily focusing on the electrical and mechanical systems, while also managing vendors and physical components. Miguel continually strives to find creative ways to keep HostDime data centers operating on the most cutting edge technology, while also maintaining industry-leading uptime and reliability.

  • VP of Security & Network, USA & Global

    Ray Fernandez

    VP of Security & Network, USA & Global

    About Ray

    Ray Fernandez is the Vice President of Network & Security at HostDime, where he oversees the internal information security processes, as well as administers and engineers the networks that power HostDime's major POPs. He began his career working as an Abuse & Security Analyst while obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida in 2007. Ray believes that there is no problem that time and careful thought cannot solve.

  • Director of Business Development, USA & Global

    Usman Arshad

    VP of Finance

    About Usman

    Usman Arshad is the Director of Business Development at HostDime. He is responsible for managing HostDime’s strategic partnerships and identifying new opportunities for growth. Usman also focuses on revenue generation and investment opportunities for the company. Prior to joining HostDime in 2005, Usman worked at conglomerate Siemens AG, where he focused on project warranty analysis for their power generation division. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from the University of Central Florida.

  • Mascot, USA & Global

    Alex HostDime


    About Alex

    Alex HostDime, also known as HD Alex is HostDime's mascot, and he represents our commitment to Customer Service and Support across the globe. Alex lives an adventurous life, having been all over the globe including Machu Picchu and the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Learn more about HD Alex!


International Leadership

  • Director of HD Brazil

    Filipe Mendes

    Director of HD Brazil

    About Felipe

    Filipe Mendes has been the Director of HostDime Brazil since 2006. His fascination with computers since his early years led him to focus his knowledge towards computer science and business law. Filipe helped establish HostDime Brazil where he directs day-to-day operations. His dedication has helped HostDime expand its proprietary data centers worldwide. Filipe has been a key player in helping the company achieve its first Tier 3 data center in northern Brazil. His mission is to make HostDime the leading choice for data center services in the country.

  • Director of HD Colombia

    Edwin Tello

    Director of HD Colombia

    About Edwin

    Edwin Tello has been the Director of HostDime Colombia since 2008. He holds a degree in Information Technology from the University of Ibague and is currently working toward a post-baccalaureate degree in Business Administration. Since his graduation in 2001, he has been heavily involved in the internet world, which led him to cross paths with HostDime as a client. Edwin manages the daily operations of HostDime Colombia and has been instrumental in achieving the company’s objectives for international expansion and growth. He believes that a company’s success comes from having a strong and dedicated team, which can be achieved by advancing education and enhancing training.

  • Director of HD India

    Praveen M. Nair

    Director of HD India

    About Praveen

    Praveen M. Nair has been the Director of HostDime India since 2010. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Cochin University of Science and Technology. He also has a management degree in Marketing from the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode. Praveen has over 15 years of experience in the data center industry. Prior to joining HostDime, Praveen was the head of technical teams of some renowned data centers in the US and the UK. As Director, he oversees the day-to-day operations including team development, facility management, and nurturing innovation. He works closely with the team to guide them in research and development projects where his focus is having a customer-centric approach, while improving the branding and marketing of HostDime India.

  • Director of Client Relations, Latin America

    Sergio Sierra

    Director of Client Relations, Latin America

    About Sergio

    Sergio Sierra is the Director of Client Relations for HostDime Latin America. He holds a degree in Computer Information Technology from Valencia College. He is responsible for maintaining close communications with HostDime Latin America clients and ensuring the continued use of the company's products and services, while finding solutions to achieve client satisfaction. Sergio is also involved in the advancement and expansion of HostDime Latin America’s operations into new geographies.

  • Director of HD Mexico

    Joel Isaac Ramirez

    Director of HD Mexico

    About Joel

    Joel Ramirez started with HostDime in 2009 and worked his way up to Director of HostDime Mexico in May 2016. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Universidad de Guadalajara and a Master Sciences degree in Computer sciences from CINVESTAV. Joel manages the daily operations of HostDime Mexico and HostDime's first Mexico data center. His mission is to make HostDime the best service provider in Mexico thanks to our strength in customer service.

  • Director of HD UK

    Neil Baharie

    Director of HD UK

    About Neil

    Neil Baharie is the Director of HostDime United Kingdom. He holds certifications in Electrical, Electronic, Aeronautical, & Aerospace Engineering. Prior to joining HostDime, Neil worked in the ATC, Aviation, & IT Consulting industries. Since 2008, Neil has been overseeing the day-to-day operations that include facility and hardware management, as well local data center administration. He works alongside the global management team to expand the European division of HostDime.


USA Operations Leadership

  • VP of USA Operations

    Dennis Henry

    Chief Operating Officer

  • VP of Human Resources

    Yesenia Barrios

    VP of Human Resources

  • Director of Client Relations & Employee Development

    Alex Font

    Director of Client Relations & Employee Development

  • Director of Client Accounting

    Nathalie Gaines

    Director of Client Accounting

  • Director of Marketing

    Vikki Fraser

    Director of Marketing

  • Training & Development Manager

    Gregory Bupp

    Training & Development / Support Manager

  • Abuse Response Team Manager

    Joe Blondin

    Security Engineer

  • Director of Finance

    Rachael Lyng

    Corporate Controller

  • Product Management & Senior Data Center Sales

    Marcos Font

    Product Management & Senior Data Center Sales

  • Data Center Operations Manager

    Patrick Wittman

    Data Center Operation Manager

  • Abuse Response Team Supervisor

    Yoshi Quan

    Abuse Response Team Supervisor

  • Support Supervisor

    Austin Schiff

    Assistant Support Manager


USA Management Supervisors

  • Support Supervisor

    Steven Hill

    Senior Support Supervisor

  • Client Account Supervisor

    Sulema Flores

    Client Accounting Supervisor

  • Server Deployment Supervisor

    Rogelio Barrios

    Server Deployment Supervisor

  • NOC Supervisor

    Jose Vasquez

    System Technician Supervisor