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Manage your servers on-demand.

When you order a Dedicated Server with HostDime you are given access to our Core Management Portal. This Portal was developed in house to allow you to quickly and easily manage all asepcts of your servers with HostDime.

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Server Configuration

Manage each individual server, view server details and hardware configurations. View your addon servies and monitor your bandwdith usage.

Bandwidth Monitoring

Monitor your daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly bandwidth usage in real time. Don't get caught with overages. Notices are sent out when your bandwidth trends are leading towards overages so that you can contact us and upgrade your server before overages are assessed!

Manage Invoices and Reboots

Manage all of your invoices from a central location. Get a quick overview of all your servers reboot requests to quickly spot any servers that may need more attention from our 24x7 support staff.

Online Payment System

Make payments quickly and securely through our CORE portal.

Remote Reboot Requests

Submit a reboot request from our CORE portal at any time of the day and our datacenter staff will manually reboot your server and check for any issues if they are present.

RDNS Configuration

Configure your RNDS settings for any IPs on your server on the fly.

Billing Configuration

Set up your billing settings and modify other account settings from our CORE portal. Adding an active credit card on file for your account will enable automatic billing.

Instant Licensing

Purchase cPanel licenses for your server or VPS nodes instantly using our License portal. As soon as payment is made for the license it is activated. No waiting for manual processes!

Server Statistics

Our monitoring software will display all vital statistics about your servers including server load, disk space usage and memory usage.