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Service Level Agreement - Ticket Response Time

The following terms and conditions of this Service Level Agreement (SLA) apply to all clients that have a Managed Hosting service level which includes Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting, and Dedicated Server Hosting, on the, Inc. network, and was purchased directly through, Inc., Inc. reserves the right to amend, modify, replace, or suspend, from time to time in its sole discretion, all or any portion of this SLA, its AUP or privacy policy.

Response Time SLA, Inc guarantees its customers will be provided with live technical support twenty-four (24) hours per day every day of the year. All clients with a managed service level are covered by our forty-five minute initial response time guarantee for Level 1 support. This guarantee covers all requests that are submitted through a trouble ticket to our Level 1 support department via our help desk system or the customers portal (, Inc.'s Support Department shall respond to all properly submitted requests within the response times stated below. In the event that, Inc. fails to respond to any properly submitted request within the response times provided below, the customer shall be entitled to receive a service credit of 5% of the clients anticipated monthly uptime[i], per incident in a given month, up to a maximum 100% of monthly service plan fee payable by the customer. The amount of compensation may not exceed 100% of the clients monthly fee. This means that if a customer has two (2) incidents in which, Inc. failed to respond within the time frame state below, they are entitled to receive a service credit of 10% of the anticipated monthly uptime (or 72 hours based on a 30-day month).

Level 1:, Inc. shall respond to all Level 1 support requests within forty-five (45) minutes[ii] of the Customers submission of a trouble ticket via their customer portal account ( Level 1 support inquiries range from an inquiry about a particular feature, the customers web site being unavailable, DNS related questions, and basic diagnostics. Level 1 inquiries generally consist of all questions related to the website and cPanel, and can be resolved without accessing the server through SSH.

Requesting a Service Credit

As outlined in this Response Time SLA,, Inc. shall issue a service credit to the customer's account if, Inc. does not meet the guaranteed response time limits mentioned in the SLA. The Service Credit will be applied to the clients next invoice that is due, after the credit has been requested and approved by a member of the, Inc. Management staff. In order for a customer to receive a credit on their account, the customer must request the service credit with seven (7) business days of the incident in which the response time was not met. This credit request must come from the authorized e-mail account for the customer's account, and must be submitted directly in the form of a ticket to our Accounting Department via the customer's portal account. The ticket must include the customer's account information, and the Ticket Number in which the response time was not met by, Inc.'s Support Department. Since all response times are checked through the Ticket Helpdesk System, there will need to be a Ticket Number mentioned and/or the dates and times that the incident(s) occurred. The Service Credit Request will be reviewed by a member of, Inc.'s Management staff to make sure the request is valid, and the customer will receive notification of a Service Credit approval or denial. If a Service Credit Request has been approved, the Service Credit will be applied to the customers next due invoice.

[i] Anticipated monthly uptime is based on a 30-day month, or 720 hours per month.

[ii] This initial forty-five (45) minute response time guarantee covers all Level 1 support related inquiries. This guarantee means that all initial support requests will be responded to within forty-five (45) minutes, but does not mean that the issue will be resolved within one (1) hour. If an issue qualifies as an advanced issue, it may require the assistance of our Level 2 or Level 3 Support department. The forty-five (45) minute response time guarantee only applies to Level 1 support related inquiries on initial contact, and does not apply to any other support levels. This guarantee does not include response times during a network outage or an issue which may affect the network infrastructure.